Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Multi Tasking

It's Tuesday afternoon and I have cabbage rolls bubbling in the oven. I've also just put some lemon squares in the oven for dessert or maybe afternoon tea.

I am also thinking about the painting that I started last night.
It is another acrylic painting - on a 24 x 30" canvas. The idea comes from a photo that I took this summer at Nile Creek, just outside Qualicum Beach, during one of those dog walking days. It was late in the afternoon, lots of shadows and a red boat was docked against the river's edge. Hmmm ...
I may have just come up with the name of the painting "Along a River's Edge". I like it. I particularly like the reflection of the boat in the water, plus the natural contrast of the red against the forestry green.
Here is the photo - I will show you the painting in a few weeks (I hope) once it is complete.

I am a master at multi-tasking. Self employed for more years then not, I have had to be strict with my scheduling and time management. Multi-tasking allows me to come to the end of the day and say "Boy, you did good today. Look at all the things that you accomplished!" This morning I did my GST return. I also sent out several emails, balanced my cheque book, took the dog for a walk, made my bed, took a break and had a latte, while pruning some outdoor plants plus wrote a book review and started priming another canvas. And the days not over yet!

Here a painting that is fitting for this Blog - to all those multi-taskers out there
I call it "You're a Star", 12 x 10" , acrylic

And now ... I have to go check on my lemon squares!

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