Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working Through It

I will be heading down to the studio this afternoon, hopefully to pull my painting together.

I started a new piece last week. I loved a photo that I took a couple of years ago in Milner Gardens and thought that it would make a great painting. The fall colours were brilliant.

I was excited to start it, but half way through something happened. CRASH, I hit a road block. Sometimes it brings you to a full stop. This particular one made me seriously think about gessoing the whole thing over and starting something fresh. Then a voice inside my head reminded me that 'painting is just a process' and that I should push through.

Reluctantly I did and within 20 minutes the excitement was back, I was having fun and the painting was pulling itself together.

As artists we are very prone to self-destruction. Had I quit at that time, I would never have pushed myself. I realized that when I 'appear' to hit a road block, it is more of a mood, then not being able to paint through it. Push through, and see what you can learn. Who knows, it may be that masterpiece that we are all waiting for!

Till Next Time ...

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