Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Bringing a Painting to Life

If you can imagine one of those animated flip books that we had as kids, then you will imagine how this painting came to life.

First I covered the entire canvas with warm colours, making such no white was showing.

Next, I mixed up some paint for my sky, and worked on the negative shapes of the background, which in turn defines your positive leaf shapes. This was a bit of a mind game. It was also rather exhausting and took a long time. Slowly the painting started to come to life.

Once the leaves took shape, I danced back and forth between the background and the foreground.

At some point I decided that I wanted to add a bird into the painting, so I made a nice space for him to perch on a stem.

Adding the blue bird gave the painting more character.
Then many many more dabs and brush marks and dah, dah....

"Fall Palette", 20 x 16", acrylic on canvas

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Till Next Time ...
From the Prairies, to the West Coast and Beyond...

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Using Photos for Reference

I wanted to show you how I take photographs and use them for references for my paintings.

I usually have a camera with me, ready to take the shot.
I was drawn to the simplicity of this photo - the understated beauty of the prairies.

When it came time to teach a class at the Chapel Gallery on "Barns, Elevators and Old Sheds", I knew which image I would use for my demo painting.

I felt the foreground needed some motion. I came across this photo. I liked the movement that it offered.

Using the two photos for reference only, this is my interpretation.

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Till Next Time ...
From the Prairies, to the West Coast and Beyond...