Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feature Front Cover

On my return from an intense weekend at Hollyhock (that's another story), I had an email from the editor of the Beacon asking if they could use one of my paintings on the cover. The Beacon is a community magazine that originates in Bowser and serves Qualicum Beach and the Lighthouse County. I was thrilled!

The original piece is 16 x 20", an acrylic painting and called "Walk along the Beach." It depicts a broken down boat that I found on my of my daily excursions with my dog Cheyenne. The boat may have been retired - or just tired. With camera in hand, I took a photo, knowing that one day I would want to use it as a subject for a painting.

The Oceanside Arts Council in Parksville is having an exhibition called 1 x 1 x 100.
Each participate paints a painting that is 12" x 12" and sells for $100 with 50% going to the Arts Council for a fund raiser. Today I picked up a canvas and am prepping it with gesso.
It has to be finished by next week as the show opens in Nov. Better get to it!

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