Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall is in the Air

Well another week has flown by. The fall colours on Vancouver Island are breathtaking. Brilliant orange and red maple leaves crackle as you walk through the woods. There is a chill in the air, as you know the days are getting shorter. Does that mean we have less time to be creative? When I paint I often like to prepare several canvases at once. Once the initial concept comes into play, then I am only able to work on one or two canvases at a time. Otherwise, I tend not to appreciate the moment as I am looking forward to the next piece and not enjoying the one that I am working on. I must bring myself back to the present moment enjoying how the paint moves, what I want the painting to do as it comes to life .... the joy of the experience - in other words, I enjoy the journey, as well as the trip.

This painting I call "Geese Convention". It is an acrylic painting, 18 x 24". Can't you just hear the constant honking as the geese all lodge their complaints at once?

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