Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting my Geese in a Row!

I finally got all my geese  in a row!

A little while ago I saw an image that one of my Facebook friends posted. It was gorgeous and I immediately made comment; "Wow, that would make a GREAT painting." A few emails later, my high school pal had sent me several high res images to work from. I couldn't wait to get started!

Like most paintings, I began with a yellow oche and white gesso background. I sketched the position of the geese and started to block in some colour.

28 x 22" canvas - just starting
This is what I refer to as the "It seemed like a good idea when it was in my head" stage. At this point you DO NOT want to ask anyone what they think of your painting, as you will easily get discouraged. You have to be strong and push through the block.
Making a few decisions at this stage

What I wanted to portray the most was the warm autumn colours of the background and the water. A thin wash of quin gold brought it all together. I also wanted to emphasize the amazing motion in the water as these geese prepare for takeoff. I was so entranced by the image that I couldn't sleep and  got up at 5 am to do more work on the water.

"Front Runners", 28 x 22", acrylic on canvas
I love the feeling, the warm glow and the action in this painting. What do you think?

Big thanks to my photographer friend Wes for the inspiration used for the painting.

Till Next Time ...
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