Friday, February 6, 2009

Pink Flamingo

Many years and a few lifetimes ago , I lived in Toronto. I had my own graphic arts company and worked and played hard. One of the great benefits of living in Toronto, was that there were always great deals on last minute flights to some exotic tropical land.

I did a lot of my traveling in the years that I lived out east and never left home without a canvas or two and a few tubes of paint.

On one particular weekend, I recall going to Nassau for a 4 nights - 5 day trip. As I toured around the paradise enjoying every second of my long weekend, I came across a Flamingo show.

There was a bunch - a flock - of about 30 birds, standing at attention, turning to the right, to the left, standing on one foot, then the other, as this tiny odd looking general-type man belted out commands. A couple of birds decided to go AWOL. They had had enough of this and took off in the middle of the performance. The little general stopped the show, went after the birds, brought them back into the line-up and continued on with the performance. What a peculiar memory!

After the performance, we were able to take some photos of the stars. This is one of those beautiful birds, posing for my camera which I turned into a painting.

"Bahama Flamingo", 10 x 14", acrylic

I have started a section on my website called "Oldies but Goldies" where I am showcasing some of my earlier work.

I wonder if I went back to Nassau if the show would still be going on?

Till Next Time ...

Love what you Do ... and Do what you Love.


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