Friday, January 30, 2009


I have always enjoyed organizing and attending artists workshops. I go into them with an open mind and a positive attitude about learning what the instructor has to teach ... after all that is what I paid the money for. Even if I only learn one thing in each workshop, I feel that I am a better painter for it.

Last weekend I attended a workshop by Brian Simons in Victoria BC. I had been looking for an acrylic workshop when I came across his website and really liked the look of his artwork. I thought, perhaps I can learn from this man.

Brian teaches you to underpaint using a burnt sienna, spending time working on your values - darks and lights. Once you are happy with that, then the colour is ready to be added and like magic your painting comes to life. I started this one upside down, as I wanted to get my head out of the process (the canvas was upside down - not me). Instead of thinking about clouds and beach, I was thinking about shapes and light and dark spaces.

After two days of struggling with this new technique - here is the end result.

Brian thinks this piece is close to being finished and to not work it anymore - until it SCREAMS at me.
So far it hasn't even whispered .... so perhaps I'll leave it be.

p.s. Update on Sheldon:

Sheldon has arrived in Sask. feathers unruffled
They think perhaps Johnathan is a tinsy bit jealous as Sheldon is a little more 'polished' and perhaps more of a ladies man.

They think it's best for the time being to be on separate walls to let them 'get to know' each other.

Till Next Time ...

Love what you Do ... and Do what you Love.


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