Friday, February 20, 2009

Hot Off the Palette

Painting Painterly - is how best to describe this painting. From a recent workshop that I attended that is one of the things that keeps popping into my mind. "Paint Painterly" our instructor kept saying. Change your brushstrokes - make some wide, others thin, change the direction of the strokes ... painterly.

I met this handsome McCaw last winter while down in Mexico. My friend and I stumbled across a little piece of paradise one day, while out exploring. There was a beautiful resort, with inviting tropical walkways, which led to a gift shop. In front of the shop was a perch, well chewed, but no birds. A Mexican man came by and asked if we would like to meet his birds. He whistled, and instantly two huge birds came flying down and landed on the perch. They proceeded to entertain, while I took many photos.

I started this painting several weeks ago ... then put it up on my shelf. Yesterday I dusted it off and began to "Paint Painterly". It was fun spontaneous and uplifting, with no preconceived end in mind. Suddenly my McCaw came to life and he is a real gem.

"Pajaro Parlante"
10 x 12" acrylic

My advise ... paint with zest, move that colour around, have fun ... it will show in your artwork.

Till Next Time ...

Love what you Do ... and Do what you Love.


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