Friday, January 2, 2009

Winter Elevator

Happy New Year!

With all the unusual accumulation of snow over the past couple of weeks and the frigid cold weather in the prairies, I thought it was quite fitting to reintroduce you to this painting.

The elevators on the prairies are slowly disappearing. Years ago they were in almost every small town, every eight miles down the road. I remember taking trip after trip with my dad as he hauled the grain to the elevator, disappointed if he forgot to take me on one of those rides. What a thrill it was when the the tail gate opened and the grain unloaded. The sound, the dust, the smell ... those memories are forever. Now the prairie icons and landmarks disappear. How grand it be to have an art gallery in an elevator. Maybe I could buy one for a loonie, or have it moved somewhere, perhaps to my dad's homestead farm.

"Winter Elevator" acrylic, 16 x 20"

"Love what you do ... and do what you love."

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