Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why I Love Sundays

I've always loved Sundays.

In my younger days Sunday was usually a day off from school or work. It was a day when family and friends would gather for a nice meal. Sometimes an afternoon pick up game of baseball would be in order. Once the dishes were done, and the kitchen table cleared off, out came the cards for an evening of serious card playing. If you were lucky, you might win the pot of $2-3.

Now, all grown up, I still like tradition. Jeff enjoys cooking a nice meal on Sundays. Not that we don't have good meals throughout the week, but on Sundays he will often roast a chicken, or pot roast, complete with the fixings. We might have friends over to join us for good conversation, laughs and good food.

For me Sundays is a painting day. No matter where I am in my production schedule, I become a "Sunday Painter."

This is a commission painting that I am working on today; more Mexican sunhats.

And for some reason, a home-made latté, in a Mary Fox pottery mug, tastes much better on a Sunday.

What do you like to do to make your Sundays special?

Till Next Time ...
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