Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Underwater Adventures

I have always wanted to do a painting of my underwater adventures. On a rainy west coast day, I decided to do just that.

I pulled out an envelope of underwater photos that I had compiled over the years. Some were from Mexico, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and many from the Cayman Islands (one of my favourite dive spots)

Looking at the photos took me down memory lane. It seemed like another life time ago that I started scuba diving. I achieved my open-water certification in Tobermory Ontario. It was a cold and tough weekend. At the end of the weekend I was so darn proud of myself and a certified diver.

I continued with the advanced class two weeks later. I went through that course and onto becoming a PADI rescue diver.

At last count, I had 120+ dives, under my belt; in scuba diver's lingo. I haven't done a dive in many, many years and if I did, I would surely take a refresher course first.

Perhaps that part of my life is over and if so, at least I have incredible and colourful memories of those adventures.

Till Next Time ...
From the Prairies, to the West Coast and Beyond...

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