Sunday, June 9, 2013

What is Your Destiny

An impromptu hot dog and beer bar-b-q last evening with our friends, brought about an after dinner discussion; 'What is Destiny?"

As a creative being, which I believe we all are in one way or another .... what is YOUR destiny? Have you always wanted to write a book, learn how to sing, play an instrument, paint, be a master gardener ..... these are all rooted deep in your soul and need to come out in order to complete your destiny.

Our friend Lyn has been writing poetry for years and shoving them away in a box in her bedroom. Finally at the age of 81, with the kind help and patience of Jeff, she was able to publish "Soul Songs" a book of poetry. It was wonderful and very emotional to listen to a poetry reading she did in front of her friends at their Christmas party last year.

Several years ago I had a deep yearning to move to Vancouver Island to immerse myself into the arts. It was a tough decision as I would be leaving my family and friends and everything familiar to me. But  I kept thinking "If not now - when?" When those thoughts come to mind, embrace them, as that is your soul telling you that this is the right path to take.

As long as the decisions come from your heart .... it will lead you to your destiny.

Till Next Time ...
From the Prairies, to the West Coast and Beyond...

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