Sunday, October 31, 2010

Almost Ready

With only 6 days from the 2nd Annual Island Arts Expo, I am without a doubt getting ready!

Today I spent the morning printing out a few more artists cards, as last week I had a guest come over and purchase a few. I needed to replenish my stock.

Next I started packing up some paintings. This involved taking a really good look at them for any scratches which may have occurred the last time I had a show. I found two that I hadn't named yet! Coming up with a couple of catchy names, under pressure, isn't always easy. Once they were named and in perfect condition, I packed them up for transport. Now they have officially moved from my office / studio into the hallway. That's a huge step!

All of my paintings are entered into a database that Jeff has set up. It includes title, size, medium, year painted, and of course price. Are there any prints or cards made of a particular piece? If so, that all has to be entered as well. Each piece should have a description and then be uploaded onto the online gallery/store for sale.

Pricing always seems to take awhile as some of the pieces have since been framed, so of course I have to consider that in the price as well.

Once the pricing is finished, then I can work on my price tags that will hang beside the pieces at the show. Hope to get to that tomorrow.

Exhausting? Very! Exciting? Yes!

BYW: I should mention that I have already sent out my invitations to the show, some by mail, others by email. In a couple of days I will do one last email blast to my mailing list as a gentle reminder.

Hope to see you at the Island Arts Expo. Drop by my booth and say Hello!

Till Next Time ...

From the Prairies, to the West Coast and Beyond...


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Starting a Painting

I've started another acrylic painting. After a recent visit to an artist's studio in Cowichan Bay, and seeing a sketch on the wall of a painting in progress, I was reminded that it is always a good idea to draw your ideas on paper first BEFORE starting a painting. This way you become intimate with my subject by working out all the design problems on paper before putting paint to canvas.

Here is my drawing. The finished painting will be a triptych - three panels painted separately, making a complete piece when put together.

This summer I was particularly attracted to poppies and have done several paintings using poppies. This was derived from two photographs - one of a duck, swimming away and one of a grouping of poppies. I was drawn to the ripples in the water as the duck swam off - hopefully I can capture that in the final painting.

Keep tuned, and watch the progress of this one.

Till Next Time ...

From the Prairies, to the West Coast and Beyond...