Sunday, June 16, 2013

Making Your Own Art Cards

A great way to spread your art and your name around is by making art cards. You can have them made up by a printer (which will cost you a little bit more) or make them yourself. It's not that difficult.

First I make the designs on my computer, which includes the image on the front with the description and contact information on the back. I then print them onto a card stock one at a time, using my Epson Printer.

Next I take an exacto knife, a ruler and a cutting board and start trimming them to size. It is a bit piddly and time consuming, but I do enjoy it, as it gives my mind a chance to unwind and go into a zen-like mode. (or sometimes I just watch something on TV like Dr. Oz. while I assemble them). The cards get scored down the middle, then inserted with an envelope into a plastic bag, ordered specifically for the size card that you are making.

Look how beautiful they are! 

I distribute them through galleries, gift shops, framing stores, etc. and sell them at my own art events. I don't make a huge profit off my cards, but I receive what I call 'mail-box money'. Every now and then a cheque from one or more of my distributors magically appears in the mail. Nothing wrong with that!!

It's also a super-great marketing tool, as each card has my contact info. on it. People can easily check out my website and see what else I am doing. I use these cards to send out messages to my friends, send birthday wishes, thank you notes, etc. It's all part of my marketing. Any questions?

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