Thursday, July 2, 2009

June in Saskatchewan

As many may know I am born and raised a Prairie Flower. Going back and forth to Sask. several times a year keeps me grounded.

This June was no exception. We crossed the ocean, over the mountains, through the desert, through heat, rain, snow and fog, across the lone prairie to the glorious Qu'Appelle Valley just in time for Tuesday night wings and beer.

June 11th marked my 5-hour one-day only Art Show and Sale in Fort Qu'Appelle, "From the Prairies, to the West Coast ... and Back Again". The local newspaper ran a wonderful article which brought in several curious art lovers. Along with my usual marketing of invitations and email reminders, the flow of art connoisseurs was constant throughout the day. Of the 38 pieces on display, almost half were sold to art lovers and now make their homes in Saskatchewan. What a great reminder of my connection to the prairies!

The next day we were off to my dad's farm for a family reunion on the Schaefer side. With approx. 80 people, all apparently related, the weekend was wonderful, with great weather, a good BBQ and even fireworks. What would a family get together be without a few games of horse shoes?

The following week we were back in the Qu'Appelle Valley doing deliveries of the 8th annual Travel Guide, a yearly publication to promote tourism.

We took a leisurely drive back through Lethbridge along Hwy. 3 to Grand Forks for an overnight visit with my cousins and Uncle Jack.

I love my family and miss my friends ... but boy it was nice to be home!

Till Next Time ...

Love what you Do ... and Do what you Love.


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