Friday, December 19, 2008

Arbutus Paintings

Any one who lives on Vancouver Island is familiar with the arbutus tree. It is often found on exposed rocky shorelines overlooking the ocean. It is quite majestic as the often crooked trunk twists and turns reaching up to 30 metres in height. It has a distinctively reddish-brown (artists might say burnt sienna) bark that peels and flakes to expose (raw sienna) bark underneath.

Now that we know about the arbutus tree, let me show you a couple of painting that I had fun creating. As a part-time resident artist at TOSH (The Old School House) in Qualicum Beach, I paint in the gift shop twice monthly. What that means is that I paint for the day, as folks come in and shop around, often stopping to ask questions of the "resident artist", but I also prepare paintings at home, for things to paint while at TOSH. It has started a mad cycle of continuous paint flow and primed canvases.

These two were started at one of my TOSH painting days. They are bright and fun (my usual style of painting) with lots of layers of paint applied. I usually start out with one idea in mind, then half way through the process the magic begins and something takes over. Next thing you know, I end up with these two beauties.

They are both 5 x 7" - acrylic paintings
"Arbutus Heart" (middle)
"Arbutus Face" (right)

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