Sunday, December 14, 2008

Along the River's Edge

"Along the River's Edge"
acrylic painting, 24 x 30"

Well I finally did it. I completed and signed this painting last night. Even though it is snowing penguins outside, I managed to photograph it on the deck, ready for my blog.

If you recall I started working on this painting at the end of October. It comes from a photo that I took during one of my dog walks where Nile Creek meets the ocean out here on Vancouver Island. The photo itself was taken on a gloomy day, but having a creative edge, I knew that it had potential for a great painting.

Working on this painting was fun as I used bold brush strokes on the bushes, often using the acrylic paint direct out of the tube, putting it on quite thick in some areas. Painting the water became somewhat hypnotic. Moving the paint back and forth, curving it around to create the motion of the water was a trick as well, as I wanted to be careful not to overdue it and know when to stop.

Once that was complete I knew that the proper work of the boat would be the icing on the cake. Getting the proportions correct and with proper shadowing, completed the piece.

I am very proud of the final painting and it will look great in anyone's art collection.

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