Monday, January 5, 2015

Helpful Framing Tip

After a Suzanne Northcott workshop in November called 'Working BIG', I finished this painting. It is called "Alpine Tapestry", acrylic 36 x 36".

I signed and photographed it. The next thing was to wire the back. That's when I asked my husband Jeff for help.

Having spent a couple of days apprenticing and framing with Don Cameron of the Englishman River Gallery, Jeff knew exactly what to do.

As Jeff explains, on a large piece like this it is best to put three hooks in the back forming a triangle. The hook and wire at the bottom is important as it takes the weight off the bottom stretcher, evenly distributing the weight and prevents the bottom stretcher from sagging.

Hmmm. ... good to know.

Till Next Time ...
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