Thursday, July 18, 2013

Old Car & Elevator

I knew that when I saw this image taken by Saskatchewan photographer Linda Kopp, that I had to paint it. For several weeks I 'painted it in my head' until one day I was ready to tackle it on canvas.

In the beginning: using a 28 x 22" canvas I covered the top half in warm colours; quin gold, ochre yellow and naples yellow, plus white - cadmium red and maroon on the bottom half.

Then came the sketch: using burnt sienna, I outlined the shapes, filling in some of the darker blocks of shadows. Not a bad days work at one of my regular TOSH volunteer days.

Filling in the colours: I did the easy stuff first, such as touching up the sky and painting the elevator. Next I worked on the car, spending a considerable amount of time, as I wanted it to be accurate.

The foreground with the tall grasses was FUN. I worked with vigour using a 1/2 inch flat brush blocking in colours and dabbing in the grass, not worrying about details. I just needed to give the 'impression' of tall grasses.

Finishing touches: mid-ground shapes, a few dabs of colour on the trees and little bits of bright colour throughout, brought it all together. I had to stop ... as I was in danger of overworking it!!

Now the hardest part: giving it a title??!!
Any suggestions?

Till Next Time ...
From the Prairies, to the West Coast and Beyond...


Anonymous said...

What did Linda Kopp think about it?

Susan Schaefer said...

She loved it!!

Susan Schaefer said...

She absolutely loved it.