Sunday, September 12, 2010

About Commissions

What a busy summer with many visitors, art shows to attend and paintings to deliver.

This summer we delivered a commission to a patron out in Saskatchewan, one that was ordered a year ago! After having several of my paintings in her home already, a client of mine mentioned that she now needed something for over her bed. Measuring the space available, I put it on the back shelf until I was ready. Early this spring, I got an idea to paint a triptych of poppies.

I ordered 3 - 12 x 24" canvases and away I went. On a background of burnt sienna, I started by organizing the poppy groupings; the sizes, the flower directions and which would continue onto the next canvas. I did this by making cutouts of the poppies and moving them around the canvas until I had the desired spacing.

Next I had fun. I wanted the finished piece to be rich and juicy with colour and texture.

The finished piece accomplished all that. Needless to say the client LOVED it - so much so that she now talks about ordering two more!!

If you would like to commission a piece of artwork for your home or office, please visit my website.

"The Power of Poppies" acrylic on canvas

Till Next Time ...

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Karen Martin Sampson said...

What a cheery, pretty image to wake up to every morning! I can well imagine that your client is extremely pleased. Nice going!