Friday, April 10, 2009

Tide's Out

If you recall, I had taken a workshop with Brian Simons in Victoria, this past Jan. I was struggling with one particular painting - a wavey beach. Brian had told me to go home, and not to touch the piece again until it "Screamed" at me. (refer to blog of Jan. 30th.).

Home I went, wondering why I put myself through the torture of trying to learn new techniques. The painting stood against my wall for several weeks, before I heard a slight peep "Try painting me again!"

So I timidly dusted if off, placed it on the easel, and the words of "David Wick" (another famous artist whom I've recently met) came into my mind - "Let the spirit move you."

I put on some funky rock 'n' roll music, big brush in hand and began to play - putting paint on canvas. The paint was flying, the brush strokes were painterly. The painting was taking on a life of it's own.

Jeff came into the studio "Five minutes till supper". "I can't stop now" I said, "I'm in the groove and I have wet paint". Several brush strokes later, I stood back and declared the painting finished.

The painting has now been transformed from a wavey beach, to a

"Tide's Out", 24 x 30", acrylic

Till Next Time ...

Love what you Do ... and Do what you Love.



karen hamilton said...

"Tide's Out" is fabulous, darling! Its rhythm, movement and pallet choice is spectacular. And, the process of how you became inspired and came to complete it is, well, inspiring!!! I would be proud to hang this piece in my home anytime. :)


Unknown said...

Terrific job here Susan, I love how it turned out! Best wishes in 2011 Brian Simons