Friday, March 20, 2009

Harbour Rest

I was hoping to finish my cow painting this week to show you the latest update ... but life got in the way and I still need a few more days till it is complete.

I thought instead I'd introduce you to "Harbour Rest".
This was inspired by a photograph that I took a couple years back in Steveston Village, on the mainland of BC.
When my partner Jeff was living in Richmond, Steveston Village was one of our favourite places to go for fish 'n chips.

This painting started with several layers of black paint. Once that was dry, I then roughly sketched in some of the details, with a graphite stick.

Slowly I start painting in the highlights. Before long - just like magic - the painting came to life.

A few more layers of paint and voila - the painting was complete.

"Harbour Rest", 10 x 12", acrylic painting


It's been raining off and on the last few days like cats and dog. At this moment, the sun is out, so I better go take my dog for a quick walk.

Till Next Time ...

Love what you Do ... and Do what you Love.


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