Thursday, January 25, 2018

Doing Something GREAT!

Each new year we flip our calendars to January. A new year - a fresh start. It's a year of doing something great!

As I go through my day, a thought keeps popping up - this year I want to do something GREAT!
What shall I do?

When walking with my spouse one morning, I told him that I wanted to do something GREAT this year. He said, It won't be any different then last year. You do something great every year. Ah!!! Thanks honey.

That got me thinking...what do I do?

I paint, and paint and paint. When the painting is finished, sold and off to it's forever home, I am filled with gratitude, knowing that it makes someone feel GREAT!

I design my publication, Island Arts Magazine. I try to make each ad design individual and fantastic. When I put the issue to bed, I say to my husband, "This is the BEST issue EVER." And it should be, shouldn't it? I've been doing this for 10+ years and I still love the process. That's GREAT!

This year instead of having thoughts of doing something GREAT, like climbing a mountain (ugh) or going on a pilgrimage (no thank you), I will just continue to go through each day...doing the best I can ... and being the best person I can be. And I think that is GREAT.

Till Next Time ...
From the Prairies, to the West Coast and Beyond...

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