Monday, April 13, 2015

Voices in my Head

When I paint, I am constantly hearing voices in my head. I have taken many workshops over the past several years and I recall tips that I have learned.

Before starting a piece, I hear Brian Buckrell saying "Pick a battle that you can win." Hmm, can I do this painting justice? I often joke that 'I survived Brian's bootcamp', but in all seriousness this was the most comprehensive class I have ever attended. I think about foreground, mid-ground, background all the time, even when I'm NOT painting. Thanks for the good start Brian.

I can hear Donna Baspaly saying "Paint painterly and loose those edges." Yes Donna.

At the same time Mike Svob is reminding me to 'Look at the big picture and keep it simple."

Next comes the glazing technique that David Langevin embedded into my consciousness. Should I use a glaze to bring everything together or to push something back? "Learn to handle your tools", David says.

It's a wonder I can get any work done with all these voices in my head. One at time please.

Suzanne Northcott reminds me that I have something to say, that is why I paint. Hmmm...that's deep. There should be a dance moving between background and foreground, thick and thin.

Inevitably half way through the painting my own voice pipes up and says, "What were you thinking?"

But by the end of the painting, I have put my own twists on the painting and it is my signature at the bottom of the canvas. It is my voice that says "Good job. What should we paint next?"

Whose voices do you hear while you are painting?

Till Next Time ...
From the Prairies, to the West Coast and Beyond...


Charo DeVore said...

I always hear voices when I paint but I have no idea whom it is speaking, just instruction I try to keep up with. Blue, here, here and here, then put some yellow in there and put it here here and there,...sort of thing. thanks for sharing! Wonderful pieces!

Susan Schaefer said...

Thanks Charo. I too have those instructions. A little blue here and then some blue somewhere else to balance it off.
Happy painting.

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