Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Artist Workshop

This past weekend Island Arts Magazine hosted another artists' workshop - Fundamentals of Plein Air Painting with instructor  Brian Buckrell.

Watching the instructor do a demo is always a great learning experience, as we can see how he (Brian) starts and works a painting. The group gathered around and watched as the piece magically came to life, asking questions about the process. 

The weather didn't cooperate for painting outdoors, but the group was eager to participate in the workshop indoors, working from images while wearing their "En Plein Air" hat.

Some of the points that Brian stressed over the course of the weekend were:
- pick a battle you can win
- start with a plan
- make lots of small starts

I think that this painting was a 'good start' for me.

Taking a workshop is a wonderful way to spend time with like-minded people often swapping stories, struggles, laughs and tips over coffee and lunch.

This is the third workshop of Brian's that I have attended, two of which we hosted. I always learn a thing or two and come back to my studio with more resolve. As one of our participants put it ...

"Your approach (Brian) is gentle, supportive, sharing and giving. You were accessible in your delivery and demeanour, non-judgmental in your silences. You make the time to spend with the class as well as individual time. That makes the spirit soar."

Thanks Brian.

For more information on upcoming workshops please check our website.

Till Next Time ...
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