Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Remake - Three Old Neighbours

A few years ago I painted a piece called "Three Old Neighbours". I recall the struggle I had, often putting it aside for some time, before getting back to it. Finally I worked through my issues and completed it to my liking.

The original photo was taken on the prairies several years ago. I always loved the image and thought it would fun to try it again, having a few more years of painting experience, under my belt.

The colours of the first piece (on the top) are bold and strong, often being put on the canvas straight out of the tube of paint.

The painting on the bottom, completed recently took much less time to finish. It is also smaller then the first painting. Now I like to pre-paint the painting in my head before attacking the canvas. I might think about it for weeks before sketching it to canvas. That way I have worked out most of my issues, prior to putting paint to canvas.

I encourage you to try this exercise. It's fun to see the progress one has made.

To see more of my paintings, please visit my online Artist Gallery. 

Till Next Time ...
From the Prairies, to the West Coast and Beyond...

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