Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Parade Banners a Success

There's nothing like a rush design job to get the heart pumping!

Last week I was asked to design four banners for the Chamber of Commerce in Fort Qu'Appelle Sask. for their July 1st parade - of this year!!! With only a few days notice, I put everything else aside and got to work.

They wanted the banners for their float vehicle so they had to be quite large. The two side panels needed to be 3 feet x 12 feet, and the two for the front and back were 3 feet x 7 feet. The problem with working in such a large format is that your file sizes gets to be quite huge. For such a project I set the resolution high and work with the files at 50%, and then have them printed out at 200%. Doing a large size format is not new to me, as I have done many highway billboards and those suckers are 10 feet by 40 feet.

By Monday night I emailed the proofs to the client, who quickly approved them Tuesday morning. I uploaded the files via FTP to my printers, "Western Litho", in Regina. By Tues. noon, two of the four banners had already been printed. Now that is great service!!

The client picked them up Friday morning. Here they are on July 1st just in time for the parade. Everybody's happy!

Maybe next year I can get a little bit more notice!?

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Anonymous said...

Have the say the blog was "SO YOU!" And, as I well know, you are the woman who can make things happen! I missed the parade this year, but am sure I'll see the banners again.