Sunday, May 9, 2010

Passion for Poppies

This painting was an experiment of sorts. I have been carrying a few yards of canvas around for many years - moving it from Toronto, then Sask. and ultimately out to Vancouver Island. It was time to do something with it!

My handyman Jeff was given the task of stretching it onto stretcher boards. Once that was done I began putting many, many, many layers of thick paint and gesso on the canvas. I used raw umber, thalo red, thalo violet, thalo this and thalo that ... tubes of paint that I have also been carrying around for many years and wanted to use up. A spring cleaning, one might say.

My main objective was just to get a nice thick coat of paint on the canvas. Suddenly out of nowhere these poppies began to appear. With a few brush strokes more I added the blue background and a few seed pods, turning an abstract into something recognizable.

The finished piece is 20 x 24". It's a bit abstract and different from my usual paintings.
Rather designer looking and fun to make.

Hmmm, I still have another piece of canvas to stretch! Oh Jeff.

Till Next Time ...

Love what you Do ... and Do what you Love.


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