Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mr. Whiskers

This is the story of "Mr. Whiskers".

He is a cute, curious little fellow who became part of my life for only a few moments, but will now live on forever.

One day while walking my dog Cheyenne out by Deep Bay I noticed a slight ripple in the water. Suddenly amongst the ripples, up popped "Mr. Whiskers". He swam around for a minute or so, while I took several photos of him and then as if to say, "O.K. that's enough", he disappeared back under the water and he was gone.

Some time later I decided to paint him in acrylics on canvas. The original painting was shown for the first time at the Island Arts Expo in November. One lady was very interested in him, then disappeared. After walking through the show, she had decided that she would like to take him home with her as a birthday gift to herself. What a great gift!

Luckily I had some extra high resolution photos taken of him by Grant Kernan beforehand and now have some beautiful prints on canvas made. You can order prints of "Mr. Whiskers" from our online store and gallery.

Now like the Olympic Torch he makes his way across BC as I am the feature artist for the Feb / Mar edition of the Country Register and "Mr. Whiskers" is on the front cover.

Till Next Time ...

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Susan Schaefer said...

Is there possibly a "Mrs. Whiskers" in the near future?

Karen Martin Sampson said...

This is so cool! Congratulations.