Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome to My New Blog

Hi and Welcome to my New Blog!

I am creating this blog as a means to connect to fellow artists and art patrons. I am a fine artist, working currently in acrylic paints.

This recent painting is called "Memories of Mexico", 24 x 30" on stretched canvas.

It was painted from a photograph that I took last year during my winter vacation. The pot of cactus was on a landing just below the apartment that we were renting. I loved the strong bright colors of the brick walls and the tall over-flowing cactus. I especially liked the Mexican blanket hanging in the window as a curtain. It made me laugh as I have the exact blanket on my couch at home - one that I bought years ago on a trip to Cancun.

A lot of my paintings are bright and bold in colour.

You can find out more about me by visiting my website at


kitsguru said...

Great painting Susan. I have followed your work for years. Your work continues to get better all the time.

Heard you were featured on the cover of the Beacon this month.

shuffle pappa said...

Hello Susan. I was just looking at your Vol.1-Issue 1 of Island Arts Magazine which I got at Rollin Art Centre in Port Alberni. I too am just starting an artists blog due to my Webmaster being super busy and not able to update my website.Thought I would follow your site as well. Best of success.

Susan Schaefer said...

Dear Shuffle Pappa
Thanks for your comments.

We also do website design and hosting and would be pleased to help you out.